Default Page Builder Layout (For Blogs)

Apply a single page builder layout to all blog posts, past and present.

If you know how to use the page builder and the customizer then you already know how to use this plugin.


You want to use the page builder on posts but don’t want to have to do each one manually? We’ve got your back, jack!

DPBL lets you create a default layout for all posts. The best part is, you can do it without any shortcodes messing up your post content. If you move away from Divi you can take your posts with you without a care in the world.

How does it work?

When you activate the page builder normally on a post page the Divi shortcodes are used inside of the ‘content’ loop which means they are saved to the database as part of your posts. DPBL pulls the content into the page builder using a custom module which means if you ever deactivate it, your post content is clean and shortcode free.


  • Install like any other plugin.
  • Create a template design by opening up a new post and using the page builder. Be sure to include the new ‘Default Content’ module ONCE in your design.

  • Save the layout to your Divi Library and then open up the Theme Customizer > Choos Default Post Layout.
  • Here you’ll find a dropdown list of your library layouts and a checkbox to activate the layout on posts. Just choose the layout, check the box, save and exit the customizer.
  • Put your feet up mate. You’re done.
  • All your posts will now be styled the same way. You DO NOT click on the ‘USe the Divi Builder’ when creating new posts. Just use the default WordPress editor and DPBL will do the rest.

(Bare in mind that this product is free, unsupported and in beta so use at your own discretion. That being said, it works and it’s awesome)

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