Divi Health Clinic

Remember: For the Divi Health Clinic child theme to work, you must have Divi from Elegant Themes. If you do not have it you can purchase it here. Once you have it, please install it on your self-hosted WordPress website.

01 Requirements

✓ Self-Hosted WordPress Installation 
✓ Divi Theme by Elegant Themes 
✓ One of the Service Child Themes
✓  PHP version 7.2 or greater
✓ memory_limit 128M
✓ post_max_size 64M
✓ max_execution_time 180
✓ upload_max_filesize 64M
✓ max_input_time 180      
✓ max_input_vars 5000
✓  MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater.
✓  HTTPS support
✓  Nginx or Apache with mod_rewrite module

02 Description

Designed for doctors' practices, health clinics, and medical facilities, the Divi Health Clinic child theme helps medical professionals get their website up and running. Save time, energy and effort creating your website, use this visually appealing child theme for Divi to share your clinic or practice's information and services with potential patients.

Tip: For the  Divi Health Clinic to work, you must have Divi from Elegant Themes. If you do not have it you can purchase it here. Once you have it, please install it on your self-hosted WordPress website.

03 Install the child theme

In this section, we will be installing Divi Health Clinic. Before you can upload the plugin, you first need to download it from our website, www.aspengrovestudios.com or www.divi.space. Login to your account, go to the “My Account” page, click “Purchase History.” Click the “download” button to get the zipped file.

If you are a lifetime or annual member, you can download the child theme from Members Area on www.aspengrovestudios.com or www.divi.space (depending on where you made the purchase).

To upload your theme, you first need to log in to your WordPress Dashboard. After you have logged in, click the Appearances > Themes > and Add New

On the next screen, click the “Upload Theme” button on the top of the page. This will bring you to a new page with an upload link. Click the “Choose File” button to open up a window to browse your computer. Locate the .zip file that you just downloaded, and select it.

After you have selected the file, click the “Install Now” button to install your plugin.

The page will re-load, and after the plugin has been fully uploaded, you will be presented with an “Activate” link. Click this to activate your theme and complete the installation.

Choose "Divi Health Clinic" from the WordPress menu.

Paste the license key and click "Continue". You can find your license key under the "My purchases" tab. If you are an annual or lifetime member, use your membership license key.

04 Installing required plugins

Once your license key is activated, click "Begin installing plugins".

Install the required plugins.

And activate them.

05 Importing demo data

Click "Divi Health Clinic" from the WordPress Dashboard to import demo data. 

06 Homepage and news page settings

Go to Settings -> Reading.

Change the homepage displays, for the homepage choose the "Homepage" page.

For posts page, choose the "News" page.

We are almost ready!

07 Change logo

Go to Divi >> Theme Options and upload your own logo.

08 Change navigation

Go to Divi >> Theme Builder. Click on the global header and edit.

To customize navigation, go to Appearance >> Menus

Make sure you have set the menus as on the video below. At the end of the video, you can see the separate menu that will be displayed on the mobile and tablet - to keep your menu user friendly and responsive :) Second navigation is set to transparent, that's why on the Divi Builder preview it's not visible.

09 Customize child theme colors

You can customize child theme colors by going to Theme Customizer.

To Change Theme Accent: Theme Customizer > General Settings > Layout Settings > Theme Accent Color

To Change Colors Accents:  Theme Customizer > Divi Health Clinic Settings  
To Change Buttons Color: Theme Customizer > Buttons > Button Style and Hover Style

To Change Link Color:  Theme Customizer > General Settings > Typography > Body Link Color

Customize colors with the color picker.

11 FAQ

What if I have a problem or a question about any of the required plugins?

If you have any questions or particular issues with the plugins used along with this child theme, please consult their documentation directly on the developer's website. Here are some links:


WP Page Navi

Snazzy Maps

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us