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A. Description
B. Major Features
C. Settings
D. Using Divi Switch
E. Frequently Asked Questions
F. Known Issues


✓ Self-Hosted WordPress Installation
✓ Divi Theme by Elegant Themes
✓  PHP version 7 or greater
✓ memory_limit 128M
✓ post_max_size 64M
✓ max_execution_time 180
✓ upload_max_filesize 64M
✓ max_input_time 180      
✓ max_input_vars 5000
✓  MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater.
✓  HTTPS support
✓  Nginx or Apache with mod_rewrite module

Remember: In order for the Divi Switch Plugin to work, you must have Divi from Elegant Themes. If you do not have it you can purchase it here. Once you have it, please install it on your self-hosted WordPress website.


Divi Switch makes customizing the Divi Theme easier than ever. Install the plugin and take advantage of a series of new ‘switches’ in your Divi theme options, each one makes powerful visual changes to Divi.

** Visit the Divi Switch Plugin Page Here **  


  1. Download the plugin zip file and install through your plugin options like normal.

  2. Complete the activation of the plugin by registering your license key.

  3. Now head on to the Divi Theme Options page where your new switches will be waiting for you.

C. SETTINGS (In the Divi Theme Options)

Yes, we have moved the settings from it's separate place in the admin menu to the Divi Theme Options Page!

The switches themselves are distributed comprehensibly in the sub-tabs under the new "Divi Switch" tab in the Divi Theme options:


Once you’ve installed Divi Switch correctly, you can head over to the Divi Theme Options Page where you’ll find your new ‘switcher’ ready to use.

Each toggle has a title, short description and a shadowed out switch set by default to "Disabled". If you want to activate the effect, just click on the switch and it’ll toggle to "enabled" and turn blue.

You need to save your changes after enabling or disabling one or more Divi Switch toggles.


  1. Remove Main header Underline
    By default, Divi uses box-shadow to create a line separating the header from the content. This option removes that functionality.
  2. App Style Menu
    Make better room of the header space on mobile with this app style menu hack.
  3. Make Phone Number Click To Call
    When users click on your number from a mobile, it'll automatically dial the number for them.
  4. Open Social Links In New Tab
    Open social icons in a new tab to stop people closing your website when using them.
  5. Center Align Top Header Items
    Move top header items into center alignment, rather than the default left/right.
  6. Different Logo On Scroll
    Have a different logo "on scroll" by uploading the alternate logo using the Upload button. Change your mind? Press "Reset".
  7. Burger Menu Text
    Choose a word to place before the burger icon. Change your mind? Erase.

  8. Page Specific Logo
    Enable specific logos on individual pages. The logo is set on each page in a meta box.

    Change your mind? Remove the image.

  9. Replace Fullscreen Menu with a Layout:
    Replaces the fullscreen menu with a Divi Library layout.
    Change your mind? Select the blank option


  1. Remove bullet points from footer
    Removes the footer bullets and repositions the links properly.
  2. Hide Bottom Footer
    Remove the bottom footer, the one with the ET links.
  3. Stop the footer floating on empty pages
    Pages with little or no content show the bottom footer in the center of the page. Not any more.
  4. Replace footer with layout
    Replace the footer area with a Divi Library layout.

    Change your mind? Select the blank option


  1. Remove the dividing sidebar line
    Get rid of the thin grey line that separates the sidebar from the main content.
  2. Home Page Pre-loader
    Show a cool loading screen while your page objects load. Choose between Light and Dark

    Change your mind? Select the blank option.

  3. Portfolio image aspect ratio
    Set the aspect ratio of images in the portfolio grid.

    Change your mind? Select the blank option.

  4. Stop Gallery images opening a lightbox
    Stop the gallery from opening up the lightbox when clicked.
  5. Slider animation - slide description
    Set the default transition of the slide description.

    Change your mind? Select the blank option.

  6. Slider animation - image & video
    Set the default transition of the slide image and video.

    Change your mind? Select the blank option.

  7. Remove the Projects post type:
    This unregisters the project post type.

  8. Custom maintenance page
    Select a page to be displayed when maintenance mode is on.
    Change your mind? Select the blank option.

  9. Custom 404 page
    Select a page to be displayed when a 404 Not Found error occurs.
    Change your mind? Select the blank option.


  1. Change breakpoint - 1406px
  2. Change breakpoint - 1099px
  3. Change breakpoint - 981px
  4. Change breakpoint - 801px
  5. Change breakpoint - 768px
  6. Change breakpoint - 480px
  7. Change breakpoint - 381px
    Enter a number (without 'px') to change the pixel value of the above breakpoints.

  8. Collapse submenu items in the mobile menu
    By default, submenu items are nested under their parent link in the mobile menu. This switch collapses submenu items until you click the parent link. NOTE: Set top level urls to '#' if using collapsible menus.
    Code provided by  Elegant Themes
  9. Show text on mobile menu
    Change the default Select Page text when using a centered header style. Change your mind? Erase the text.


  1. Add Comments in Toggle
    Move the comments into a toggle so they are hidden by default.


  1. Add category title to top of category pages
    Add category title to the top of category pages - Can be customized within the Customizer.

  2. Remove Sidebar
    Removes the sidebar and separator line on archive pages
  3. Add 'Read More' link under posts
    Adds a simple read more link under each post.

  4. Add separator line under  posts
    Adds a separator line under each post. This can be further customized within the Customizer.


  1. Insert layout before main content
    Insert a Divi Library layout before the main content, under navigation.
  2. Insert layout after main content
    Insert a Divi Library layout after the main content, above the footer.
  3. Insert layout before post content
    Insert a Divi Library layout before the post content, below navigation.


  1. Remove WordPress, Plugin & Theme Update Prompts
    Removes the update count from the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Enabled SVG Uploads
    Allows SVG files to be uploaded, which WordPress blocks by default.


  1. Import/Export Options
    Click on Export if you want to export your settings to another site that also has Divi Switch installed and vice-versa.


Export the code generated by Divi Switch into a lightweight and custom branded plugin to install on your clients’ sites! You can quickly and easily deploy your favorite Divi Switch code without having to install the Divi Switch plugin itself.

  1. Export Plugin Name
    Enter the plugin name that should be displayed when the exported plugin is installed.
  2. Export Plugin Description
    Enter the plugin description that should be displayed when the exported plugin is installed.
  3. Export Plugin Author
    Enter the plugin author that should be displayed when the exported plugin is installed.
  4. Export Plugin Author URL
    Enter a URL for the plugin author.
  5. Export Plugin Version
    Enter the version number that should be displayed when the exported plugin is installed.


Will Divi Switch work with Extra?

No, but there’s an Extra Switch in development so stay tuned.

Can I add my own color schemes to buttons etc?

Yes, We’ve listed the hex values for the six color schemes at the top of the plugin style sheet. You can simply ‘find and replace’ those values using any decent text editor. 

Is this the same as Divi Booster? 

No. Both are great plugins and both do different things. If you’re serious about customizing Divi then we’d suggest owning both.

Will I lose my changes if I uninstall the plugin?

You need the plugin to be active to take advantage of the customizations. Changes are stored within the plugin. However, if you deactivate the plugin or need to reinstall for any reason, your toggle choices will be saved and will activate as soon as the plugin is activated again.


Conflicting Switches

Some switches try to do the same thing. The App Style Menu & The mobile Menu on the desktop, for example, both try to realign the logo and navigation items. If both are activated then neither will work as expected. There are two side menu toggles but only one should be used. If you notice a switch not behaving as you would expect, look for a switch that may be causing a compatibility issue. 

Heavily customized Divi conflicts

If you’re using Divi Switch on an already heavily customized version of Divi then you may find some switches behaving oddly. Always check how a switch is behaving when activated.

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