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✓ Self-Hosted WordPress Installation
✓ LifterLMS - Please see LifterLMS' plugin requirements and recommended server settings.

Remember: For the Course Scheduler Plugin to work, you must have LifterLMS. If you do not have it you can download it here. Once you have it, please install it on your self-hosted WordPress website.


All the Scheduling Features You Wish Your LMS Had

Course Scheduler allows you to offer a single course with multiple "start" and "end" dates, set manually or automatically on a predefined schedule, so you never have to make multiple copies of the same course in your LMS again

Works with LifterLMS! (LearnDash and Learn Press Coming soon!)

  • Schedule your LMS courses to run multiple times (with different "start" and "end" dates)
  • Change course "start" and "end" dates for future enrollments at any time
  • Automatically generate future "start" and "end" dates for recurring courses
  • Stay organized using filtering functionality that groups students by "start" date

Run the same course multiple times

With Course Scheduler, creating multiple "start" and "end" dates for the same course is super easy.

Set and change start and end dates with ease

Course Scheduler allows you to easily set and change future "start" and "end" dates for recurring courses.

With Course Scheduler, you can:

  • Automatically generate future course dates on a predefined schedule
  • Manually change individual "start" and "end" dates any time you want
  • Set pre-enrollment period that will automatically enroll students on a future start date
  • Manually change an individual student’s "start" and "end" date

Filter students by start date

In Course Scheduler’s Student Management area, you can use the filtering function to see only students with a specific start date. This allows you to:

  • More efficiently provide support to students who are at the same point in the material
  • Offer webinars and live events to students at a specific stage in the course
  • More easily plan your workload as a course master

** Visit the Course Scheduler Plugin Page Here **


Navigate to the “Add New” in the plugins dashboard

Navigate to the “Upload” area

Select the plugin file from your computer

 Click “Install Now”

Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard


Complete the activation of the plugin by registering your license key.

Click continue, and

That's all, your new Course Scheduler is already installed and activated on your website.


If the site already has courses with enrollment(s), navigate to LifterLMS > Course Scheduler, and click "Set Missing Student Course Dates". This will automatically populate the current course dates into student enrollment records.


With the plugin already in place, every time you edit a course or add a new course to your LMS website,

 The feature can't be used unless the Course Time Period is enabled in the Course Restrictions Tab, 

so make sure that you enable this on every new course you create as well as on the already existent courses.

Once enabled, this is the displayed custom field, at THE BOTTOM of the page:

 Check the tick box and set the new automatic course dates for your course in the boxes.

If you wish to manually start a new course session, simply set the course start and end dates in the Course Options box, Restrictions tab when editing a course. Subsequent enrollments will be assigned these dates.

Pre-enrollment means that you will be able to sell the course (and students will be able to enroll)  in anticipation of the actual course start date.

LifterLMS has its own Enrollment Period settings in the Course Options box > Restrictions tab. However, our plugin does not interface with these settings at all. The "pre-enrollment" settings in the Automatic Course Dates box only refer to when the Course Start Date and Course End Date are changed relative to the start of the next course session and do not alter the Enrollment Period settings. 


troubleshooting coming up...

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